About Me

I'll never forget the day my brother installed WinAmp v1 on my computer, and played 2 mp3s of tracks that are still to date some of my all-time favourites.

The months that followed were annoying, as I was itching beyond belief to get out there and in to a club, but my tender age and Harry Potter glasses made this an impossibility.

Sure enough though, once I hit 16, I was able to finally enjoy the scene I so craved.

By 2000 I had started to learn to mix on my mate's belt-drive Gemini turntables. *shudder*

Trance has always been my first love, but over the years I have developed a more eclectic taste than just massive breakdowns and uber-supersaws.

I do mixes for my own personal enjoyment really, djing is nothing more than a hobby, and as such my gigs are few and far between, but then these days it's all about who you are friends with (or whose arse you lick the most).

As such, I hope you like :)